November 13, 2012

Overnight, the bedside water-tumblers of Rand Paul’s network of friends spontaneously generate singular flawless calves’ eyes. The eyes,  representing the clarity and purity, of both vision and thought required to imagine the new world of just actions. Just actions that the resurrection will force about for the fortunate and faithful.  These eyes are immediately consumed by the blessed followers, who have spent the past twenty-four months calming filling all bodies of government and business and laying the groundwork for the deft bit of financial action which will direct all remaining fluid currency in the world towards the formulation of a specially impervious metal alloy and the casting of that alloy into the many ritual knives, each one to be placed at the head of each of a reinforced concrete funerary trough. Twenty-four months ago Rand Paul, who was given a message by and through the immaterial realm, large carp swam into his bedroom, gazed at him, and spoke to him.  Rand  recognized this male fish as a sacred missive and slit him open.  The guts heaped upon the heated wooden panel floor and formed a sign – the split staff of wheat. He knew to choose thousands of his male followers to become the new semi solid mass who would forge  the ritual knives, and precede the renewal of many edifices.

With each man accepting this, being tainted by politics and central government administration along with its regulation of commerce, he would become, like his knives, sacred. He would not be killed or sacrificed, and so never resurrected.  One by one, each man accepted his fate, then, consuming his eye, he recites the  threnody as one of 200,000 beautiful, pounding of a joyous tenor, bass, and alto voices:

We will be lone

We will be chemical

We will be the beds of flower beds

Upon which the resurrected may make love

350,000,000 dead will come awake in paradise

We 200,000 dead will remain sacred and silent beneath their feet

This is enough

This is enough

Ron Paul Funeral City 350,000,000 dead

Ron Paul Funeral City media representative note: this post was written by Dylan Ingraham, edited by a rpfc media representative, and submerged in a well for 3 days, on the 4th day it returned to dry land without any mortal intervention. 

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